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Blocklandia has been one of the best kid-friendly Minecraft servers since late 2012, when it was created by a trio of parents looking for a place for their kids to play Minecraft that was both fun and geared appropriately for them. The pandemic years brought a resurgence of families looking for ways to connect with others online, and we have loved having new families join our community.

Our top priority is to provide an enjoyable Minecraft experience for families. We love when kids play with their friends and family members from around the world while also making new friends who enjoy the same parts of Minecraft as they do. Our players range in age from young children to teenagers, as well as some parents and caregivers who play along with them. We recommend that younger players be supervised by an adult, as a certain amount of reading is required in order to become familiar with the rules and how to navigate the server.

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How do I get help from the staff?

Blocklandia has a ticket system that you can use to request help from our staff. If you need help or just have a question, you can submit a helpme ticket …

Becoming Staff on Blocklandia

So you think you want to be a staff member on Blocklandia? Being staff is a lot of hard work and responsibility. Being staff means helping people instead of things …

Claiming Land

What are Land Claims? Blocklandia uses the Grief Protection plugin to help keep the server safe. Among other things, this plugin allows players to create claims to protect their land …