Becoming Staff on Blocklandia

So you think you want to be a staff member on Blocklandia?

Being staff is a lot of hard work and responsibility.

Being staff means helping people instead of things like building your house, going mining, or even playing games.

It means knowing ALL of the rules for Blocklandia and not only following them, but also being a good role model for others. Notice how staff members don’t argue or fight in chat? That is because it’s important to set a good example for all.

What it Takes to Become a Blocklandian Squire

Part 1:
What is a Squire?​

Squire is the first rank for being a satff member on Blocklandia.

Squires are our helpers. They help everyone feel like they are welcome on Blocklandia. Squires greet people who are new to the server and offer to show them around. Squires help answer questions in chat. Squires help people who need help mining, farming, or building. Squires help players feel connected by playing games with them and inviting them to play.

Most importantly, Squires know all of the rules and don’t break them.


Squires also have a few responsibilities as staff members. Their role is to help keep the environment family friendly by answering questions and assisting players when they can.

This involves things like: responding to /helpme tickets, helping players understand the rules if they happen to forget them, and explaining how plugins and commands on the server work.

Part 2:
To become a Squire you must first act like one

Blocklandia’s staff are always looking out for players who we think will make good squires. We look for players who show the qualities of a squire even though they aren’t one yet. This means following the server rules as well as the staff rules (listed below). 

A good first step to proving you’d make a good squire is becoming Journeyman Rank. Completing the application for JM rank involves proving you understand the server and it’s rules well, which are all important qualities for a Squire to have.

Staff Rules:
  1. Be helpful.
  2. Always be polite to everyone on the server.
  3. If you don’t know the answer to something, ask someone.
  4. No trolling.
  5. No arguing in chat.
  6. If someone asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it. After you have stopped you can explain why you were doing it if you need to, but always stop when asked.
  7. Set an example for others by your behavior.
  8. These rules are subject to change. When it doubt, ask.
Part 3:
What next?

There is no official application to become a squire.

Players are chosen to become squires by the server admins (Nobles and Templars).

If you are chosen to be a squire, you will receive a message in game from one of the staff asking if you’d like to become a Squire. If you accept, you will be trained as a squire.