Paradise is our peaceful-mode survival world.

There are no scary monsters or fall damage so you can mine and build without being shot by a skeleton, chased by a spider, or dying when you fall off your house.

You can still die from fire and lava and you are expected to mine to find materials from which to build. However, if you die and a staff member is available, they might be able to find your stuff (it has to be within 5 minutes of your dying, it can’t be a death to fire or lava, and they can’t be in the middle of working on something else).

If you’re looking for a place to explore,  Paradise has many options including the compass portals, the maps in the spawn, and the Paradise pathways. The Paradise spawn also has a community garden (be sure to replant it), enchantment tables, anvils, and is on the ocean so there’s plenty of fishing to be done.

How to get there

From the shipyard, look for the ship with the cyan sails and climb on board. Follow the signs below deck and walk across the glowstone to teleport to GreyHavens. To skip the walk, you can simply do /mw paradise while in Shipyard which will bring you directly to the portal.

How to leave

To leave Paradise, do /spawn and board the boat behind you. Follow the signs below deck and walk across the glowstone to return to Shipyard.

New to Paradise and want to look around? Here's some warps to cool locations you can try out!

Just type the warp in chat and hit enter, it’ll teleport you right there!

/mw compassThe giant compass near spawn that has portals to different locations.
/mw blockfarm1A public farm with pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens.
/mw airfarmA public farm (in the sky)! Always remember to replant crops before leaving.
/mw publicmineA public mine, free for all to use.
/mw public_quarryA public quarry, free for all to use.
/mw nextcityA city of towering skyscrapers.
/mw britsvilleA sprawling city with fun builds of many different types!
/mw hasA jungle-themed hide and seek arena!
/mw has2A beach-themed hide-and-seek arena!