Think you can survive Darkness?

Darkness is a hard-mode survival world for players who like challenges. Unlike our main survival worlds, fire spread and mob griefing are both enabled in darkness. This means wildfires can start, and creeper explosions will destroy blocks.

This world does not share an inventory with any of our other survival worlds.

In order to access Darkness, you must be Journeyman Rank. Click here to learn more.

Darkness Rules

1. NO greifing.

All of the regular server rules apply in Darkness. This means no griefing, no stealing, and always be kind and respectful to other players.

2. Do NOT build near someone else.

If you can see their base or walk to it in a short period of time, you are TOO CLOSE! There is a lot of room in darkness. Spread out! Give players room to expand their bases!

3. No more than 2 people can share/live in a base together.

Darkness is meant to be a challenging world, so we do not let more than 2 players team up. Both players must equally contribute to the base when teaming up.

4. NO whining!

When you die, you will drop all the items in your inventory. Sometimes you won’t be able to get them back.

No begging for it to be daytime when its night. Darkness is Dark.

If you cannot handle that, this is not the world for you.

5. Do not ask other players for materials or items.

 Fair trades only! Absolutely no giving items away for free or asking other players to give you items for free!

6. PVP is allowed ONLY if both players agree.

PVP is enabled in Darkness, but that doesn’t mean you can just attack anyone on sight or kill them to take their items.

Do NOT fight or kill someone without their permission!

If you kill someone without asking first, this is considered greifing, and you may lose access to Darkness.

7. You can set one home and up to 3 warps.

You will not be able to use warps or /home until you have made it out of spawn.

8. No using staff powers in Darkness.

Staff and former staff (Retired rank) are not allowed to fly in darkness or to use staff powers to teleport to places unless they are specifically working on a staff related action.

To show you have read these rules, you must write this passphrase in your request for Journeyman rank: Darkness is fun.

Good luck!